Elin Kling & I, Have A Thing Going On

Yes it’s out of the closet – literally! Elin from Style by Kling and myself are dating each others style. From the moment I laid eyes on her black skinnies and black pumps, I knew we were destined to be “Style Sisters”.

Here’s the thing: we both get a kick out of a somewhat messy but chic, androgynous look, illuminated by sky-high heels, soft makeup and an über feminine strut.

On this blog I will be highlighting my Personal Style and that of others. Style to me is just so much more real than fashion. Style is for leaders. Style is for lovers. Style is a language that is easily learned, yet so few really take the time to understand.

Fashion blogs have for the past several years, served as a vehicle to encourage persons to dress for themselves and stand out from the crowd.

I’m in no way against trends. I’ll love my 80′s era (important note: that I didn’t get to wear the 1st time around) skinny jeans, forever and ever.

No I enjoy trends. Trends are important to the industry. It’s a business. My advice is to find the trends that work for your body, your personality and your environment.

Don’t be a Bobby Trendy (see photo). Although I find him very fun and incredibly interesting.

So yeah, Elin Kling is my Style Sister.

Have you come across your own “Style Sister” yet, in this huge, creative community of Fashion Bloggers? Who is she? Isn’t it cool!

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